All (Most) Primaris Units now available to Deathwatch

The new pdf for this week allows Deathwatch Primaris of all types, apart from I think the Lieutenants, Ancients, and Gravis Armour Captains.

Does anyone have plans to incorporate them into their Deathwatch? SIA makes intercessors kind of pointless I think, but hellblasters or Inceptors? There isn’t really anything which boosts our weaknesses, though, namely numbers and anti-tank (IMO) so not sure if I’ll add anything to my Deathwatch force.

I do love the Apothecary miniature though, so I may pick him up and use him. His abilities should go somewhat towards mitigating the effects of numbers, though again, the fact that normal marines and Primaris cannot share transports will limit the effectiveness of this tactic.

I really can’t see a place for most primaris in my deathwatch lists. If only there was a lascannon option for Agressors…