Armies on Parade 2017: Concept and Early Progress

Armies on Parade is by far my favourite event of the year. The two years that I have competed I have been lucky enough to win medal in, and this year I’m doing something a bit more ambitious. I have more space, a little more time, and hopefully a little more of the skill required in order to complete the project as envisioned.

This year’s display has the working title of “The Last Stand” and involves a number of different forces of the Imperium defending part of the Emperor’s Palace on Holy Terra. I’m constructing the room with a marble checked floor, broken columns, statues and steps.

The models I hope to house in the display are:

  • Roboute Guilliman
  • Voldus
  • Cypher
  • Two Custodes Shield Captains
  • One Inquisitor
  • 10 Sisters of Silence
  • One squad of Custodian Guard and one squad of Sentinel Guard
  • One Imperial Fist Sternguard Squad
  • One Deathwatch Captain
  • One Deathwatch Kill Team
  • One Dreadnought (type and colours TBC!)

I’ve made a start on the Custodians!

And constructed the fists squad

Though this seems like a lot it really isn’t for the size of board, and hopefully it provides enough variation that I will be able to sort of set up mini dioramas within the main piece. For example I plan to have the Imperial Fists acting as a bodyguard for my inquisitor.

The dreadnought will be the centrepiece, along with Guilliman, and I am likely going to do a Deathwatch Redemptor Dread for this.

I’m making marble tile bases for each of the models in the force as well, to match the board and tie them together.


We have until the end of October to complete this project, which should, be, fine… :S