Armies on Parade Update August 2017

I’ve made some progress on putting together my board and models for Armies on Parade. The idea is a “Last Stand” of the Imperium on Terra. Talons of the Emperor, Deathwatch, Imperial Fists (Or maybe Blood Angels) and a splattering of characters like Guilliman, Voldus, Cypher, Greyfax and Artemis.

The board is representing the Imperial Palace, though a bit worse for wear. the checked marble tiles have been ripped apart and there will be pools of lava with bloodletters and other daemons climbing out.

There are 900+ tiles to paint, alternating black and white… then the pools and the columns to do.

Got the Deathwatch marines, Sisters of Silence, Guilliman, Cypher, Greyfax and the Redemptor Dread to paint, as well as the board, and up to the end of October to finish it off.

The bases I’ve made match the board. Only Voldus is on the base so far.

Wish me luck!