Dark Angels Primaris: New Recruits for the Unforgiven.

I have a large Dark Angels successor army, the Angels of Redemption, my go to army for most of 7th edition,  based first on the Standard of Devastation, then on the battle company formation. I also own the beginnings of a Dark Angel legion force and a Black armoured Deathwing army, based on the period known as the Scouring.

With the advent of 8th and the arrival of the Primaris troops, I debated with adding them to my AoR, but instead have decided to paint up some first founding Dark Angels, consolidating all of the kits and bits that I have left over from playing DA for a few years, and then adding in the Primaris from Dark Imperium and whatever else takes my fancy. Here’s a few of my characters, Intercessor Sergeant and Hellblaster Sergeant, as well as my whole force so far.

I’ve also done a new Azrael, based on the plastic Chaplain

Gravis Captain

Primaris Librarian

Next up is paint, planning on doing quite a bright green using Zenithal Highlighting and green glazes.

Wish me luck!