Deathwatch: 8th Edition List and Army Log

For my first army of 8th Edition, which I’ll be taking to the Throne of Skulls event in November I’ve decided to finish off my Deathwatch. The 7th Edition Codex really took the wind from the sails in completing a Deathwatch army, there just wasn’t enough thought put into it for me, the limited options, oversights and mistakes paled in comparison to the Genestealer book. For 8th though I’m giving them another go as after Dark Angels they’re my favourite faction in the Imperium.


My list is quite simple, 5 kill teams with various loadouts, along with a Watch Master and Artemis. Supporting them are 4 Razorbacks, a Corvus Blackstar and 2 Dreadnoughts, one Venerable and one giant Redemptor Dread. This should give me a highly mobile, elite force which is capable of attacking at a mid-range.

My plan is to get some practice games in before the event, as I’ve never actually played 8th edition… :S

The big boy should provide some scare factor, his damage output isn’t actually that great, but hopefully his size will attract fire.

Razorbacks are the backbone (haha) of my list really, solid transports with good, cheap firepower. I have split the four into 2 lascannon and 2 assault cannon.

I recently added grass to the bases, which further boosts the colours of the army. Even though the main armour colour is black, I wanted the force to be a colourful one, with the different shoulder pads and bright weapons in red and blue helping them to standout.


This guy is probably my favourite model. It’s a shame that dual power swords don’t have an effect in 8th, game wise he has a power sword and chainsword.

I still have another 20ish models to paint for the force including the rest of the terminator squad and vanguard veterans, so it’ll be a little bit longer before it’s all done. Wish me luck!

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  1. These look fantastic mate. For that dread – get it into assault. It’ll absolutely crush.

    Good luck!

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