Making Progress on the XVth Legion

I’ve been tweaking the forumla on my red for the thousand sons. I’m finding that it is taking too many layers to build up the colour, such that the detail is being clogged a bit by the time I get to the wash and varnish. This is my most recent marine, along with a squad ready to finish off the red on.

Appreciate any suggestions.

Also got a the Forge World Praetor done.

He was done with a slightly different red, and the spray went weird on him too… ahh resin.

On the paint table next is the rest of 60 odd infantry (terminators, Occult squad, Missle guys, plasma guys, more tacs)

A bunch of 40k Thousand Sons (still haven’t decided to go red or blue on them)

And a just assembled Contemptor (I also have the Osiron in box.)

Lots to do but exciting times.



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