Organising the Hobby: Tools and Resources

Organising our miniature collections, models, armies, projects and army lists can be tricky, a challenge in and of itself. Every hobbyist will have their own approach and list of resources and tools that they use. Here’s mine!

Model Collections: TableTop Tyrant Figure Cases

Your choice of model case is up to you, and though I’d recommend keeping them consistent in terms of foam sheets, the actual container doesn’t really matter. I like the TableTop Tyrant ones, they hold loads of models safely, and the size of the sheet is very similar to the old GW ones, which means that it matches all of the sheets I have for old cases.

I don’t personally rate the new GW cases, they seem great for things like basic marine infantry, but as soon as you start trying to fit unusual poses or flimsy models they fill up too fast for my liking.

I also have a KR case and like it, but the tyrant ones just work better for me.

BITZ and Sprues: Very Useful Boxes

I have a set of these tiny boxes which I keep useful and small bitz in for current projects, things like Deathwatch Shoulder pads and heads, or sets of weapons for specific kill teams. There are 16 so I can separate the bitz into a fair number of categories. When I don’t need the bitz anymore they all go into the giant bitz box, which is actually a Betrayal at Calth box! This box is great to rummage through looking for inspiration as there’s almost 10 years of bitz in there. If you’re anything like me then you’ll always remember the perfect piece for a project and spend an hour or more rummaging through trying to find it, only to locate it when looking for something unrelated a week later.

Painting Organisation: Citadel Project Box

Up until very recently I didn’t have a dedicated hobby space, so my projects had to pack down into a small space. The Citadel porject box is great for this, though unessential as any large box would do. I use mostly the GW paints and GW tools etc so everything has a place. Now I have my own hobby cellar the project box holds the paints that I know I’m going to need for the current painting session/project.

Project Organisation: Excel

Excel is a great tool for keeping track of the models you own, what still needs building, painting, or buying. I tend to plan out full projects in advance and then map them into a spreadsheet, coloring particular models or squads yellow when they’ve been acquired, orange when built and green when finished. This way I can always see at a glance how close I am to finishing off an army.


The other aspect of my organisational setup is Wunderlist, an easy to use to-do list app. The app has loads of features that make it great for project management, but I just use it to list armies I want to do, projects ongoing and models I may try to sell. I sometimes make “deadline” lists to plan out what I want to get done this year, for instance.

Inspiration: Evernote

I follow a lot of warhammer blogs, groups and forums for inspiration and, if I see something I like I can use the Evernote screen clipper to save it so I can come back to it later.

Gaming Aids: Kindle

For the most part I’m a sucker for the physical copy of books, but GW’s ebook offerings work fine and I can download them onto my kindle then use Kobo Reader to view them no problem. The Kindle Fire is really cheap and relatively easy to “hack” the play store onto in order to download Kobo which works great with GW’s books. It can also show PDFs for additional datasheets and rules such as the ones updating the primaris range to be able to be used by Deathwatch. Finally, my Kindle has Battlescribe and the AoS app on so that I can always create armylists if the thought strikes me.

So these are most of the tools I use whilst hobbying, what does everyone else use, anything I’ve missed off that you find essential?