How Big?!! Primaris Redemptor Dreadnought Size Comparison

So today I built the new dread and oh boy he is a big’un. How big you ask?

Much bigger than Guilliman…

Bigger than the Swarmlord (Side note Inquisitor Greyfax is taller than a Sternguard…)

He makes a regular dreadnought look almost comically small…

He’s even bigger than a Leviathan!! (The Leviathan is on a raised base)

What a beast! Really amazing kit to put together as well, so many posable and adjustable parts, you can really make this your own.

Mine is joining the ranks of the Deathwatch now that it can (see this post for more on that…)

I can feel Primaris calling to me and I’m not sure I like it…

All (Most) Primaris Units now available to Deathwatch

The new pdf for this week allows Deathwatch Primaris of all types, apart from I think the Lieutenants, Ancients, and Gravis Armour Captains.

Does anyone have plans to incorporate them into their Deathwatch? SIA makes intercessors kind of pointless I think, but hellblasters or Inceptors? There isn’t really anything which boosts our weaknesses, though, namely numbers and anti-tank (IMO) so not sure if I’ll add anything to my Deathwatch force.

I do love the Apothecary miniature though, so I may pick him up and use him. His abilities should go somewhat towards mitigating the effects of numbers, though again, the fact that normal marines and Primaris cannot share transports will limit the effectiveness of this tactic.

I really can’t see a place for most primaris in my deathwatch lists. If only there was a lascannon option for Agressors…


Ongoing Projects and Moving to 8th

I have too many projects on the go. I always have and, like many, I’m always tempted by the new shiny. Fortunately Primaris marines haven’t really grabbed me yet, so moving to 8th I have only existing projects to work on.

  1. Dark Angels- My Angels of Redemption army is approaching 4 companies in strength including models I’ve yet to paint. ┬áHave to say that the wind is really gone from the sails of this project, as “normal” space marines look so goofy next to their primaris brethren… I may come back to them later if the Dark Angels codex allows some cool options, as they are the army that I have the most points or complete. I have basically the whole 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Companies planned out!
  2. Emperor’s Children- Mainly a 30k force, again I’m waiting for the codex for these guys to see how they can be used in 8th. I built them for the Traitor Legions book but only got one game in with them before 8th came out! There’s Raptors, Warp Talons, Maulerfiends and Bikers left to paint in the colours of the phoenician.
  3. Deathwatch- These guys are going to be my main Imperium army for 8th edition, at least for now. I love painting them, I love their options, and hopefully we’ll be able to take some of the new shinies for primaris.
  4. Genestealer Cults/Tyranids- A force that I really haven’t made a dent in since Overkill came out, so really looking forwards to getting these guys together, as Tyranids look nasty in 8th.
  5. Talons/Agents of the Emperor- Catch all for the rest of my imperium stuff, a few space marines, Sisters of Silence, Custodes, Inquisition, painting when I can to break up other projects.
  6. Eldar and Tau- Not planning on progressing with my Ynnari or Farsight Enclaves armies any time soon, may look at selling these models, just through time constraints.
  7. Gaming table- I’d like to construct a gaming table of some sort.

How many projects have you guys got going for 8th, and how to you manage all these streams of work at once?!

Armies on Parade 2017: Concept and Early Progress

Armies on Parade is by far my favourite event of the year. The two years that I have competed I have been lucky enough to win medal in, and this year I’m doing something a bit more ambitious. I have more space, a little more time, and hopefully a little more of the skill required in order to complete the project as envisioned.

This year’s display has the working title of “The Last Stand” and involves a number of different forces of the Imperium defending part of the Emperor’s Palace on Holy Terra. I’m constructing the room with a marble checked floor, broken columns, statues and steps.

The models I hope to house in the display are:

  • Roboute Guilliman
  • Voldus
  • Cypher
  • Two Custodes Shield Captains
  • One Inquisitor
  • 10 Sisters of Silence
  • One squad of Custodian Guard and one squad of Sentinel Guard
  • One Imperial Fist Sternguard Squad
  • One Deathwatch Captain
  • One Deathwatch Kill Team
  • One Dreadnought (type and colours TBC!)

I’ve made a start on the Custodians!

And constructed the fists squad

Though this seems like a lot it really isn’t for the size of board, and hopefully it provides enough variation that I will be able to sort of set up mini dioramas within the main piece. For example I plan to have the Imperial Fists acting as a bodyguard for my inquisitor.

The dreadnought will be the centrepiece, along with Guilliman, and I am likely going to do a Deathwatch Redemptor Dread for this.

I’m making marble tile bases for each of the models in the force as well, to match the board and tie them together.


We have until the end of October to complete this project, which should, be, fine… :S

Armies on Parade 2016: A Wash Up

For Armies on Parade 2016 I created a piece called “Teleport Attack” in which my exorcist space marines, modeled using Grey Knight models, teleported into a ruined city, complete with lightning marks and craters on the ground. I was lucky to achieve the gold medal at my store, as there were some really nice projects on display. I’ve taken some learnings from the project last year, mainly to do with numbers of models (less is more) and how cluttered or not to make the display, and I’ll kick off my next project in the next few days. Without further ado, here’s my display from last year.

Deathwatch Primaris: The Hows and the Whatfors?

Whether or not there will be Primaris Deathwatch marines “officially” in the fluff is something that remains to be seen. Originally, in the 8th Edition Index, there were no options for Primaris Deathwatch. You can’t take intercessors, inceptors, Hellblasters or any of the starter set characters as Deathwatch.

The cynic in me says that this is just another one of GW’s “no model no rules” things, whereby because the starter kits are not designed to be able to easily change the shoulder pads, whereas the new multi-part kits will be, that DW will be able to use the new stuff only.

This does seem to be the case as you can take the Reivers, Redemptor, new captain and new librarian. This presumably means we’ll get the apothecary and chaplain as well. I’d love a deathwatch apothecary, so looking forwards to this.

Fluff wise, I think I’ll probably use primaris characters and dreads, maybe the more specialised squads like agressors, but not the main line infantry squads, for my Deathwatch. I don’t see why they’d have these mass produced dudes, and I also don’t think that any chapters will send off their newly acquired primaris to the Deathwatch anytime soon. My fluff will therefore be that it is the captains and Watch masters that undergo the primaris transformation.

Hope to have some painted Deathwatch up soon, I’ve painted one team so far.

Hello World!

Hi there, take a seat, grab a pew, pull up a stool and we’ll start. Welcome to this blog for all things miniatures. Projects, photos, releases and musings. This will be what it will be, and if you like it, then great!

See ya around.