Making Progress on the XVth Legion

I’ve been tweaking the forumla on my red for the thousand sons. I’m finding that it is taking too many layers to build up the colour, such that the detail is being clogged a bit by the time I get to the wash and varnish. This is my most recent marine, along with a squad ready to finish off the red on.

Appreciate any suggestions.

Also got a the Forge World Praetor done.

He was done with a slightly different red, and the spray went weird on him too… ahh resin.

On the paint table next is the rest of 60 odd infantry (terminators, Occult squad, Missle guys, plasma guys, more tacs)

A bunch of 40k Thousand Sons (still haven’t decided to go red or blue on them)

And a just assembled Contemptor (I also have the Osiron in box.)

Lots to do but exciting times.



A Legion Betrayed: XV Legion Start

The Thousand Sons were always my first choice for a legion for the Horus Heresy game. Unfortunately when I started playing the game they didn’t have any rules or much stuff for them, so I started with Emperor’s Children instead. Now however, Inferno is out and I’m ready to start putting together the noble but tragic XVth.

I recently read A Thousand Sons, and putting aside the irrational hatred I now have for Space Wolves, that whole battle and the destruction of the planet is incredibly tragic. Both sides are tricked, betrayed by forces beyond even the comprehension of the Primarchs leading them. Chaos manipulates and leverages the natural tension between the Thousand Sons and the Space Wolves to put two of the most powerful of the legions at each others throat, knowing that if either was at full strength by the side of the emperor then they would definitely turn the tide of the heresy.

I am theming my Thousand Sons force around the defense of the libraries of Prospero, that crazy last stand against the wolves as the warp opens and the planet is ripped apart. To this end I’m going to use the Age of Sigmar bases to represent the surface of Tizca, painted white or beige, and also use space wolf parts in grey as a contrast to the bright red of the Thousand Sons. If I can get my hands on a bunch of warhammer scale books, or sculpt up some, I’ll add them to the bases to show the library.

That’s for later, however, so far I just have a couple of HQs painted up. I’ve mixed up a “Thousand Sons” mix for painting the red, combining Spiritstone Red, Carroburg Crimson, and ‘Artcoat. You need slightly more Spiritstone than wash, I feel. 3 or 4 coats of this over a Retributor Armour spray, then use pure Carroburg to deepen the shadows. Finally a coat of gloss over the whole armour to finish it off. My spot colours are gold, silver, black, white, and really light blue.

I plan to have the army be made up of all different orders, circles, sects, and cults. No organisation really survived the burning of Prospero, so the army will be made up of stragglers and mixed up units.

I also plan on having a Pyrae support squad with flamers, where the sergeant (and maybe other models) are channeling fire from their hands rather than from guns.

Looking forward to showing these guys off in the next few weeks/months as I build them up, and hopefully have a force ready for the next heresy event at Warhammer World (whenever that may be).


Ongoing Projects: Emperor’s Children

The Emperor’s Children have always been my favourite of all the traitor legions. There’s something about the height and speed of their fall from grace which captured my imagination when planning out my 30K and 40K Traitor forces. I wanted to show them in the midst of this fall, fully taken in by the chaotic powers and embracing the fleshchange and mutations that this brings, yet still recognisable as the legion beneath.

I also had a time pressure for this army, with a 30K event at Warhammer World only a few months away. I therefore used a lot of simple techniques for painting the marines and vehicles, spraying purple, drybrushing with light purple and then bringing it back with a wash of Druchii violet. I left the shoulder pads purple as well, rather than filling in with white, as it increases the “chaotic” and colourful nature of the force to be a mass of purple.

For the parts that I did paint “white” I utilised the Slaanesh grey line of colours to achieve this, tying in the white on the marines with the flesh of the Daemonettes that accompanied them.

Moving to 8th, I want to expand my army by painting up a couple of units of Warp Talons, an autocannon Havoc squad, some chosen and a Maulerfiend. After that I’ll be working on some Possessed, though I haven’t really thought about how to make them stand out from my regular marines who already show a fair amount of mutation. Watch this space.

Thanks for reading!